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Bees,Wasps,Hornet Control
  • Leaf-cutting Bees
  • You look at your garden plants and find large sections of leaves mysteriously disappearing. Big, circular pieces have been removed for unknown reasons by unknown things. Could this be the work of the ambitious little leaf-cutting bees? Read more to find out.

  • Bees & Wasps: Interesting Facts
  • The group of insects that includes bees and wasps is a very large one, with many thousands of different kinds, and including some of the most important insects in Nature. Once again, their trivia and tidbits are fascinating.

  • Honeybees
  • The honeybee has been one of mankind’s workhorses, and has been so important for food and food production that humans have carried it with them as they migrated around the world. They also can be pest problems, and you’ll see why in this article.

  • "Killer" Bees
  • Myth or Reality? The news media and Hollywood have made great use of these insects, and now the truth is told about just what a “killer” bee is, where they are found, and how to deal with them if they are living in your area.

  • Good Bugs, Bad Bugs?
  • With thousands of different kinds of bugs living around us, how do we tell the good ones from the pesky ones? The helpful roles of some common insects are covered so you can make the right decisions when you see them.

  • Bees In Their Burrows
  • Have you ever noticed the sudden appearance of hundreds of little bees in your yard, flying back and forth over the lawn or soil? Your garden may be better off if you leave them alone and enjoy them.

  • Yellowjackets: Where's the Meat?
  • “Meat bees” are a common and potentially dangerous insect to have around us, and they gladly will create their huge colonies in our homes. How to deal with them safely is discussed in this article.

  • Scary Horntail Wasps
  • Ever have that big bug flying around in your home, and wonder where it came from. Sometimes they come out of the wood your home is made from, and now the question is – should we be worried? Good information on these big wasps is presented here.

  • The Solitary Wasps
  • Not all wasps pose a threat to you or your family, even if they are creating their nests right there in your backyard, or under the eaves of your house. We can learn to appreciate the benefits of having many wasps living with us.

  • European Paper Wasp
  • Have you noticed some unusual wasp activity around your home lately? Perhaps your yard is now being invaded by one of the newest imports to the United States, a paper wasps species from Europe that has rapidly spread across the country. Read how this wasp can impact your landscape and our environment.

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