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Fly Control
  • Beneficial Flies
  • We think in terms of how “pesky” flies can be, but the bad ones are giving the good ones the wrong reputation. Most kinds of flies are actually very helpful to us and pose no problems at all. Here is a short article to cover a few of the common kinds.

  • Flies: Interesting Facts
  • While we may hate them we still have to admire their abilities. From big to small, most to least, here are some interesting bits of trivia on flies.

  • Why do Cluster Flies Cluster?
  • Our home is our castle, and may also be home to many other kinds of animals. Cluster flies are one of those that uses our homes as their winter habitat, and could suddenly appear by the thousands. In here you can understand why.

  • Fireflies & Lightning Beetles
  • Everyone easily forms the picture in their mind of a child with a jar full of summertime fireflies. But where does the light come from and why? Is it really a “fly”. Where do we find them. Fun article about a wonderful insect group.

  • Identification of Insects
  • With well over 1 million different kinds of insects already described, and estimates of maybe 10 times that still waiting to be discovered, how do you go about finding someone to tell you what kind of bug you have found in your yard or home? Here are some hints to make it easy on you.

  • Sharing Your House for the Winter
  • Once upon a time there was a cave, and insects found refuge in the cave for their survival of winter weather. The modern day caves are our homes, and a whole procession of bugs may find their way in. Here are many of the common ones for you to learn about.

  • Good Bugs, Bad Bugs?
  • With thousands of different kinds of bugs living around us, how do we tell the good ones from the pesky ones? The helpful roles of some common insects are covered so you can make the right decisions when you see them.

  • Roadkill Cafe & Its Guests
  • What could be more disgusting than a mass of writhing maggots? Still, these insects have a job to do, and without them and their feeding activities we’d have a serious problem in Nature. Humans have also found maggots to be pretty useful in some unusual ways.

  • The Flies That Ambush: The Robber Flies
  • For Nature Watchers it’s fascinating to stand back and observe the action. You might not even see the robber flies until they make their ambush on some unsuspecting bug that flies by. These are large and interesting animals.

  • Parasitic Flies
  • While the word “parasite” may conjure up images of nasty and undesirable organisms, in the world of insects the parasites can be some of our most important allies. Parasitic flies are among the leaders in the battle against the bugs.

  • Skeeter Eaters
  • I give presentations to elementary school children many times each year, bringing in displays of many kinds of large and small insects and other bugs, and teaching them about the lives of these important animals.

  • Snakeflies In The Garden
  • Beneficial Insects

  • Midges By The Millions
  • You may think you are being overwhelmed with mosquitoes, but many other little flying gnats can enter your home that do not bite and pose no danger to you other than being a nuisance. These may be “midges”, and several families of these mosquito-like gnats can be found around your garden and home.

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